当进行pull操作的时候,提示The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key branch.master.merge found in configuration,

        Go to Window > Preferences > Team > Git > Configuration.
        Select the Repository Settings tab and then the repository that represents your project.
        Click "New Entry..."
        The key is remote.origin.url
        The value is the url you copy from github. It's usually offered predominantly on whichever site you register with.



        You could do git pull origin master to tell git the explicit branch you want to pull or you add this to your .git/config:

            [branch "master"]
                remote = origin
                merge = refs/heads/master
            When you push to master for the first time, add the -u switch (git push -u origin master). This will set everything up automatically.



        Expand your git repository tree from 'Git Repositories' view.

        Right click on 'Remotes' and select 'Create Remote'

        Select radio button 'Configure fetch' -> 'Ok'

        Select 'Change' opposite 'URI' text box

        Enter your git repository details and click 'Finish'

        Select 'Save'


《MyEclipse通过EGit将代码提交到GitHub》常伟华 创作。
采用 知识共享 署名-相同方式共享 3.0 中国大陆 许可协议进行许可。
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